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What's it about?

The stakeholders in the health metropolis of Vienna - City of Vienna, Health Association (Gesundheitsverbund), Vienna Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WK Wien), Chamber of Physicians Vienna ÖÄK), Industrail Association Vienna, umbrella organization of Austrian social security institutions (Dachverband der ö. Sozialversicherungen) - want to work with innovative companies and startups to solve existing and future challenges. Our goal is to improve the patient experience while ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of the resources used. We are more than aware of the special circumstances of the current health situation in our country and our city (coronavirus) and our employees work around the clock to help in the best possible way to combat the current crisis. Nevertheless, we are already looking ahead to a new normal state in which we will still have “old” challenges. We already want to work on making things easier and easier afterwards, or benefiting a large number of people.


Challenge 1

Individual prevention - tailored health

In the sense of an additional, effective way, the stakeholders of the health metropolis Vienna are looking for new solutions, technologies and possibilities for an increased self-empowerment of people in the prevention area as well as for the networking of people according to their individual needs with existing offers (tailored health approach).

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Challenge 2

File-in Solution

This term is used to collect different use cases, which today are all more or less carried out on paper: In particular, consent is given by patients on a paper basis, as well as prescriptions (transcription from private prescription to cash register prescription) and invoices from doctors are also processed via paper - just like transport notes, billing with or reimbursement of costs for private insurance, etc.

Challenge description
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Walter Ruck, Präsident Wirtschaftskammer Wien

"The healthcare industry is a strong factor for Vienna as a business location and offers enormous future potential - especially in times like these. Innovation is essential for the further development of the healthcare industry. We support this with our Health Challenge Vienna initiative."

Johannes Höhrhan, Geschäftsführer IV Wien

"Vienna is not only the most livable city in the world, but also a recognized hot spot for health innovations. As an industrial association, we support the Health Challenge Vienna because innovation is the key to positioning our city even more as a world-class health metropolis."

Thomas Szekeres, Präsident Ärztekammer Wien

"Every crisis also has its own opportunity. In terms of health care, the Corona crisis means that we can now see what went well and where there is room for improvement. That is why I am pleased that the Health Challenge Vienna is creating new and innovative ideas, that can help us in the future."

Peter Lehner, Vorsitzender der Konferenz der SV-Träger

“Our healthcare system needs innovative ideas and new concepts. This challenge promotes creativity and entrepreneurship."

Herwig Wetzlinger, Generaldirektorin-Stellvertreter Gesundheitsverbund

“The Vienna Health Association is one of the main pillars of Vienna's health care. What is important is the ability to adapt flexibly to new challenges and to react quickly to new problems with innovative solutions. Initiatives that promote innovation potential in the start-up scene must be supported. "