Video for your Start-Up

Please do not forget to upload a video of your start-up

Why: For most corporate decision makers and investors it is hard to look behind our written analysis based on your data. The video helps them to understand and evaluate your startup. For comparability please follow the 5 points below for your max 3 min video in English language.

  1. Which problem do we solve for whom (problem, total addressable market)
  2. What is our product/solution/technology (value proposition)
  3. Our team (show/give a voice to all or core members on the video)
  4. Where are we and how do we scale (current traction KPIs, business model, 3y plan)
  5. Call to action, what do we need (investment / cooperation / sign up)

By sending in the video you allow "Innovation to Company" and "TrendingStartup" to use the video for any purpose publicly to promote your startup to investors, corporates and other interested parties. We will stay in contact and can notify each other when an update is requested or needed. You can anytime revoke the video and we will delete it upon your email request to is a startup video listing service, that is currently in development.

CU soon, cheers